A product for your well-being

Essential oils of lavender or lavandin (lavendula) are found in cosmetic product lineups for their fresh and pleasurable scents as well as for their beneficial features. You can find them as perfume ingredients in facial, body or hair care products. Their virtues are plentiful: tonic, refreshing, purifying, relaxing, softening, ...


A symbol for sharing

As with all flowers, lavender has a significance.  It is first a symbol for sharing. In Provence, it has a strong connotation of marriage, and throwing lavender bunches promises happiness, peace and passion for the newlyweds.  Outside of churches and townhalls, you may replaced rice and confettis with flowers of lavender and lavandin. 


An ambiance of freshness and relaxation in the home 

Lavender and lavandin are used to add perfume to soaps, whether in the form of essential oil or flower, cleaning products, candles, or simply as decorative sets.  Their perfume gives off a pleasurable scent of well-being, relaxation and cleanliness.  


- Perfume diffuser: pour a few drops of essential oil in a perfume diffuser (add some water).

- Pot-pourri: place lavender flowers in a clear glass container, add rose petals or other dried flowers.  Stir the flowers from time to time to release their perfume. 

- Sachets and bouquets: ideal for interior decorating or to keep scents in your armoires.  Traditionally, they were used to repel mites or other undesirable insects.

Lavender and well-being in traditional use

- a bath to relax and release stress: 3 or 4 drops of essential lavender oil poured directly into bath water or added to liquid soap for best dispersion. 

- a massage to unwind: mix 1 to 4 drops of essential lavender oil with a teaspoon of sweet almond oil, then rub skin lightly to let oils penetrate. 

- a soothing massage: mix 5 ml (0.15 fl oz) of essential lavendin (lavandula) oil with 100 ml (3 fl oz) of sweet almond oil (1 in 20 mix).  Massage muscles where tight.